Get Your Oil Changed at the Right Times

If it's been a while since you've purchased a new car, you've probably noticed that some things have changed since your last vehicle purchase. One of the things you should be aware of is how often to change your oil, and there's a good chance you've been changing your oil every 3,000 miles or so. However, that may not be necessary anymore.

For newer car models, you can go about 7,500 miles between oil changes. Some cars may require you to change the oil about every 5,000 miles. However, you don't have to stick to the "oil change every 3,500 miles" rule for newer vehicles. This could cause you to get your oil changed too often, which can be expensive.

When you do take your vehicle in to have the oil changed, ask the mechanics here at Mike Carpino Ford Inc. to inspect your oil and make sure that it's golden in color and free of debris so that your car will run smoothly in between oil changes. We’re happy to help at 715 N East Avenue today!

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