What Are These Weird Wear Patterns On My Tires?



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Tires wear down over time as you drive. If everything with your vehicle is as it should be, your tires will wear down fairly evenly. But if you notice that your tires have peculiar patterns of wear, it is likely a sign that your vehicle requires some maintenance. Taking care of any issues quickly can help you get more out of your tires.

What causes unusual tire wear?

  • Over-inflated tires
  • Under-inflated tires
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Worn or bent suspension parts

How do I stop excessive wear from happening?

  • Make sure your tires always have correct tire pressure. Check monthly to make sure the levels are where they should be.
  • Get a wheel alignment once a year or so.
  • Get a tire rotation when you change your oil.
  • Keep on top of other routine maintenance to stay ahead of other underlying issues.

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