Pop In And Buy One of Our Used Cars Today!

It’s not always easy to choose between a new car and a used one. However, we at Mike Carpino Ford Inc. have a broad range of used cars that fit your preference. You may ask why you should buy a used car. Well, first, you can get a very stable car for less money compared to its regular price when it’s new. Once you buy our range of used cars, you will not pay any sales tax. For every new car you buy, you have to pay sales tax which is one of the requirements that make the car become expensive. When it comes to depreciation, a used car will depreciate slowly compared to a new one.

We pride ourselves in providing the best services in Columbus. Depending on what your budget is, we got you sorted. Just give us a call today or walk into our offices. Our vehicles are of guaranteed quality and will give you service for a long time.
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