Why Your Car Dealer is Talking About GAP Insurance

At Mike Carpino Ford Inc., we want the experience of owning a new car to be an enjoyable one. We know that you will love your new car, but we also want you protected in the event you get into an accident where your car is totaled. Insurance on your new car will only pay you what your car is worth, leaving you with a car loan without a car to drive.

GAP insurance offered by Mike Carpino Ford Inc. is the answer.

When you buy a new car, we will talk with you about the importance of GAP insurance. You can buy the insurance through us, or through your insurance company.

Your car loan is protected with GAP insurance, giving you a fresh start if you get into a serious car accident and your car is totaled.

Talk with our staff to learn more about GAP insurance coverage and why it is necessary when you buy a new car.
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