Keep A Good Set of Brake Pads on Your Vehicle So That You Have the Right Amount of Stopping Power

Your brakes are easily one of the most important systems on your vehicle. And at the heart of this system are your brake pads. Your brake pads are what give you your stopping power, and as such, they are arguably the most critical piece in the entire setup. But because they are what stop your vehicle you will notice that they can suffer from severe wear and tear over time. At some point you will need to replace them, and when that time comes you can benefit greatly by having an understanding of how the system works.

The stopping power that you get from your brake pads comes from when they make contact with the rotors, squeezing them to a stop. This happens when the calipers that hold them compress due to an influx of brake fluid from the master cylinder when you depress the brake pedal.

If your vehicle needs a new set of brake pads then bring it into our service center here at Mike Carpino Ford Inc. in Columbus, KS.

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