With Better Control, the Ford Edge Provides Improved Performance

It is one thing for an SUV to have a powerful motor, but without quality handling the driver can never fully experience the power under the hood. Designers of the Ford Edge kept this in mind when building the steering system.

Ford’s innovative Adaptive Steering system optimizes steering control depending on driving conditions. Adaptive steering self-adjusts depending on speed to give the driver a better ‘feel” when maneuvering. Tighter turning of the wheel at slower speeds allows for tighter turns with less effort. On the highway, a lighter touch is provided for less severe turns.

For shifting, the optional six speed manual transmission provides for extra control when accelerating and decelerating. Your hands never leave the wheel as shifting is down through paddles on the steering wheel, just like on Grand Prix racers.

To feel the control Ford has provided for its EcoBoost line of engines, stop into Mike Carpino Ford Inc. in Columbus, KS and test drive the new Ford Edge and discover what high quality performance feels like.

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