Power, Performance and Control for your 2018 Ford Escape

With the focus on the power and performance of the vehicle, people are also aware of the need to be able to control their vehicle in various circumstance. At Mike Carpino Ford Inc. we always recommend the 2018 Ford Escape as a vehicle that is safe and easy to control in many different circumstances.

The Ford Escape has a six-speed automatic transmission with the SelectShift feature. You can choose the sport mode which gives you the feel of using a sports vehicle. The vehicle also offers the ability to control it during some of the more curvy road conditions with Roll Stability Control.

The selling feature of the 2018 Ford Escape is the 4 Wheel Drive system controls the torque when it comes to where it goes to in the wheels when it comes to road and weather conditions. This keeps the vehicle from losing control in less than ideal conditions.

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