Ford F-150 Raptor

If you are looking for a vehicle that provides you with great efficiency, plenty of power under the hood, excellent road handling abilities and superb interior features, then look no further than the Ford F-150 Raptor edition. The Raptor seats two people in the front, three in the rear, with four door access from the exterior. You won't believe the amount of interior space there is for passengers. You can fit three large adults in your vehicle with ease and they will be comfortable for the entire ride, no matter how long it may be.

Plenty of comfort features come with the Raptor that you would never think of adding on. You get front massaging seats and heated seats. You can upgrade to include heated rear seats for your passengers and you can have a heated steering wheel as well. You won't believe your eyes when you get behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 Raptor. Stop in today to Mike Carpino Ford Inc. to find out more!

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