Ford Fiesta Brings Performance to the Table

The New Ford Fiesta is a subcompact class car that may have a few surprises under the hood. When customers at Mike Carpino Ford Columbus, KS drive the Ford Fiesta, they find that the handling and performance outperforms other subcompacts in its class. Here are a few of the reasons why.

The Ford Fiesta’s electric power-assisted steering uses an electric motor instead of a power-draining hydraulic pump. The feel of the steering is sensitive to speed and adapts to changing conditions. The transmission has a sporty feel and it offers either a five-speed manual for those who want a little more control.

AdvanceTrac electronic stability control will apply the brakes and adjust the engine torque whenever the wheels start slipping. This is combined with state of the art anti-lock brakes. These are only a few of reasons that make the Ford Fiesta the subcompact of choice.

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