Ford F-150 Raptor Design Features

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the perfect merge between a GT and pickup truck with a surprising 450 horsepower engine. The 10-speed automatic off-road vehicle made for racing is a lot of fun to drive, especially if you head out to rugged terrain and make use of the FOX Racing Shox. In addition, the new wheel design makes it easier to stay in control while you head out in the mud or along rocky trails.

There are also several upgrades to the design, including sporty fog lamps, the 802A equipment package with Torsen differential, and lots of technology features inside. In fact, there are a ton of sensors and cameras built into the Raptor, making it one of the more reliable trucks on the road today. Made from military-grade, aluminum-alloy, you’ll also feel how easy it is to take this truck on mountain trails.

Ready to head out into the wilderness? The Ford F-150 Raptor will take you there. Try a test drive at Mike Carpino Ford Inc. located in Columbus, KS.

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